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Truvativ founder to start bike parts company

Truvativ founder Micki Kozuscheck, who sold Truvativ to SRAM, has joined up with some of his former management team to work on a new bike parts company that they’re calling Lezyne. Lezyne will manufacture and sell pumps, multitools, saddle bags, and hydration backpacks, according to Bike Europe.

John Burke: More advocacy from Trek

At the recent Trek World meeting for dealers at Trek headquarters in Madision, WI, Trek President Johne Burke introduced Trek’s “One World, Two Wheels” bicycling advocacy program.

Details: Bike Biz, Bike Europe, BRaIN.


Bicycle news

Brits spending vacation time on bicycles. “Britain is becoming a nation of cycling enthusiasts. Cycling has been given a new lease of life by recent environmental issues, such as sustainable transport, carbon emissions and eco travel,” commented Richard Cope, senior travel consultant at Mintel.

Nice mountain biking video with beautiful scenery from Rock Shox.

Bicycling Euroblog: Some cities treat bicyclists better than others.

VeloNews: The medical risks of doping.

Eurobike starts next week. I’ll find the Flickr pools for all kinds of wonderful bike porn.

Free lift rides for downhill riding at SolVista ski resort at Granby, Colorado. Granby is just to the west and south of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Everything I know about business I learned from Mountain Biking. Uh huh. “I caught some big air on that last leveraged buy out. It was pure nirvana, dood, but then I biffed and face shoveled into a horizontal trackstand after the SEC started nosing around. Bummer.”

Construction signs: Bikes are traffic, too.

MAKE: Pedal powered washing machine.

Velorution on Free bike schemes.

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