Bikes banned from Slovak trails

Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič signed into law legislation that will ban bikes from forest trails in Slovakia.

Slovak mountain bikers were caught by surprise when they learned that a widespread ban of mountain biking on forest trails has been proposed. Just few days after the information became public the Slovak parliament passed the legislation, albeit after heated discussions. Mountain bikers believed they would be able to persuade the Slovak President to veto the law. A petition against the new regulation was signed by 3,000 people within a day of the decision and eventually garnered close to 16,000 signatures. Yet, without any advocacy organization of their own, it was hard for Slovakian mountain bikers to take further decisive steps.

Read more at IMBA.

Wow, two mountain biking posts in one day is more than I’ve done the whole rest of the year. Will Fritz turn more to mountain biking in the near future? My sources for mountain bike news include Go Clipless and Blue Collar Mountain Biking.

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