Jason @ Rocbike interviews Bike Snob NYC and posts it in his 22 minute Rocbike Review podcast. I didn’t use any of his wonderful similes and euphemisms in the interview, but it’s still a good listen. “We ride bikes for fun and we read about bikes for fun.”

Jason also interviewed The Fat Cyclist but I haven’t had a chance to listen to that yet.

I also owe Danielo a link for his 2007 Halfbakery Baiku Olympics.

Citizen Rider writes about geeking out over transportation cycling. “When I left racing behind I took that intensity into transportation,” he writes. “One commenter said that he got as excited over lighting systems and other practical componentry as he had over go-fast racing equipment. It’s true.”

Adam write how TerraPass turned him into a bike commuter.

Peter McKay gives his harrowing tale of getting shot on his bike commute in Seattle. Apparently, thugs are shooting BBs with .22 handguns and randomly shooting people. I’m researching on article right now on personal safety while cycling and have some feedback already from a local police officer. I hate random violence.

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