Cycle Chic

“Cycle Chick” is the clever name of Zakka’s cycling blog that shows what real transportational cycling looks like.

Bicycle blog collection

21st Century Citizen asks “Drive? or Bike?” with a bunch of “if only” conditions. “I’d bike if only there were bike lanes, if only gas were $10/gallon, if only I worked from home, if only there were more local stores, if only there were corporate leadership showing the way.” Don’t wait for Obama or Clinton or W or Halliburton to lead you by the hand, just get out and do it. Be the change you want. Via Paul.

Bicycle Design reports on the HyperBike: a huge contraption that solves a lot of non-problems.

Andreas Kloden jumps ship.

The cost of physical inactivity calculator. Via.

Dave Moulton posts another excellent article about practical cycling, this time on positioning for comfort and efficiency.

Litespeed quits blogging?

Sartorialist: another bike fashion photo.

Mountain biking: Why riser bars?.

Chris Horner and straight talk on doping in le Tour.

Sue in Chambana wants bike bloggers to brainstorm on bike product ideas. Leave a comment at her blog with your ideas.

Bob Roll visits a bike shop.

Noah in Kansas City asks what to do about the scooter that uses “his” bike rack.

Kim rants about some of the cyclists she shares the road with.

CBB: Simplify your life with the simple bike commute.


  1. Although I never called it Cycle Chick – with that “k” at the end, it’s fun to see this retro post, Richard.

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