Do as I say, not as I do!

Warren stopped to take video of law abiding motorists at a stop sign. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any law abiding motorists. Because of the great damage and carnage that can result when motorists don’t obey the law, motorists always obey traffic laws for the safety of everybody! That’s the myth, anyway.

Cannondale folder update: Bike Designer Guy James found some more information about the development and design of the Cannondale folding bike, dubbed the Cannondale ON. Cool stuff.

Another bike-ish fitness device. Via Bike Horn and others.

Most of my U.S. and Canadian readers have a three day weekend with Labor / Labour Day coming up. It’s also my 17th wedding anniversary. Other than a possible Eurobike update later today, posting will be sparse to non-existent. Enjoy the weekend, all!

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