2009 Tour de France route to be unveiled live on web

The unveiling of the 2009 Tour de France will be presented live and online at the Tour de France website on Wednesday, 11:30 AM in Paris. That will be 2:30 AM Pacific Time, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be watching this one.

Here’s a cute DIY frame bag that goes inside the front triangle of a bicycle. Step by step instructions at Evil Mad Scientist.

83% surveyed pick their noses while driving. I just made that up. But ABC News claims a “recent survey” reveals that 41% text while horseback riding, skiing or riding a bicycle. An astounding 11% text during a “romantic moment.” Read more.

A self balancing unicycle?

Accessorize your bicycle with feather boas. Via.

A weird hybrid pedal powered shopping cart.

Bikes and the City: 72 year old man moving by bike.

Bicycle Marketing Watch: Fear and loathing in the global economy.

Eco Velo on E Assist.


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