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Vote for Bostonian of the year. Each year, Boston Globe Magazine selects “Bostonian of the Year.” One of the nominees is Boston’s Bike Planner (and former Olympic cyclist) Nicole Freedman. I don’t know if your vote counts or not, but cast your ballot for Nicole here.

Vote for Change. Several people have submitted their ideas for Change with the new administration. Support Bicycling For Transportation. While you’re at it, contact your state department of transportation — several states are submitting their proposals for projects for the anticipated economic stimulus package, and the projects are very heavy on new highway projects in spite of a decline in driving in America. Bicycle Colorado, for example, will submit a list of bike projects that they want funding for.

The Bike Burrito. Russ Roca has started a new project: The Bike Burrito. It’s a nifty little rollup saddle bag that would make a nice gift for the cyclists in your family.

Tort reform video. Some of you might remember the story of Dr. Alexander Dlugi. He’s the guy who was riding his bicycle when he crashed into an 11 year old girl and sued the girl (he lost the suit). His suit and the family he sued are featured in this video promoting tort reform.

NAHBS and Advocacy. The Thunderhead Alliance and Indiana Bicycle Coalition have arranged a session at the 2009 North American Handmade Bicycle Show where city planners can meet with cycling advocates. The 2009 NAHBS takes place February 27 through March 1 in Indianapolis.

schadenfreude. The Rock Racing Club Team. And maybe not here to stay?

Death and … The case for higher gas tax and lower income tax.

Tour de France. What will German broadcasters do?

Road Bike Review. Twain Mein rides outside in the winter!

Happy nine days before Christmas!

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