Bicycle blogs

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned The CyclePig yet. He has good stuff. Go check him out.

Other Bicycle Blogs that I don’t think I’ve mentioned before.

Vik’s Big Dummy is all about pictures of people riding the Surly Big Dummy.

Charlotte in Boston blogs as Chic Cyclist and posts photos of women in short skirts riding their bikes around her town.

Sub 20 OLH. Because he wants to do Old La Honda Road on the San Francisco Peninsula in less than 20 minutes, which puts him in a different class than me; I’m the guy holding the flashing rear end device red lantern at the back of the train. The record for OLH is something like 15 minutes I think.

Hayduke Bikes blogs from Santa Cruz. He’s one of those bearded dudes who’s been riding bikes since before I was born.

Chris Cowan is another Bay Area cyclist.

Sabine Duke blogs to Bella Babble. She’s a cyclist in Santa Cruz and also a good photographer.

Empathy Test wants to ride his bicycle more.

Lego Andy is another Bay Area cyclist with things to write about cycling.

Random Dreams is my former riding partner in Colorado and a good friend.

I’ve mentioned CycleDog a plenty, but today you need to see his special announcement from a sponsor.


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