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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I think most Cyclelicious readers aren’t really into professional bicycle racing, so here’s a bone for you all to gnaw on while I continue with Tour of California coverage. You might also want to geek out over the cool and slightly bizarre stuff at Bike Hacks.

Lifehacker: Best gear for winter cycling. See also DIY Bike rack revisited.

There’s more below this photo of Mary in San Jose, California. She’s riding a fixed Bianchi Pista down 3rd Street.

Mary on her fixed Bianchi Pista

Studded tires on bikes? Winter cycling in the news.

Carlton brings us this story of Vegans on Panda bikes.

“Riding a bike in NYC is the greatest thing ever!” From Bike Rant #712.

From the ‘not the brighest bulb in the bin category’ is this news of a 22 year old felon with an outstaning arrest warrant. She was spotted bicycling in St. Cloud, MN, which isn’t all that unusual, but what really caught the attention of the police was the shotgun strapped to her back. Read here for details. Tip for criminals: If you want to avoid arrest, don’t do anything to draw attention to yourself.

More criminality: Pistol packing cyclist steals an armload of porn. Armed robbery for porn? That’s just weird. It’s like one of those movie plots where the government bad guys chase a scientist who has the secret formula to destroy the world and the scientist stashes the formula into the nearest hiding place (the porn) and leaves a message for a friend to tell him where to find the secret just before the bad guys catch up and kill the scientist. So the cyclist is either the friend, an innocent bystander who got the message by accident and got sucked into the evil plot, or he’s a government agent going around stealing all of the porn in the city to find the formula.

Grist on Lance Armstrong’s commuter focus.

OC Register: What word in ‘Bike Lane’ don’t drivers understand?. Via Interbike Times.

Chicago Bike Blog: Bikes are inexpensive; people are lazy.

NY Times on doping and pro cycling.

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