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The Bike to Work Book is to be co-published in November by myself here at Towers and Tim Grahl’s of the US. We met through membership of the Spokesmen bike industry roundtable podcast.
The Bike to Work Book is a print title but it will also leverage the internet to reach a larger audience than possible through traditional book publishing. The print version will be available on and other booksellers from mid-November but the book will also be available as a paid-for rich-media e-book and there will be a free, cut-down version of the book available as a PDF, sent via iTunes. The e-formats will be available earlier than the printed book.
The health and economic benefits of cycling are flagged on the book’s back cover.
Tour de France commentator Phil Liggett said: “This book could save you $3500 a year. And you’ll be lighter and stronger into the bargain.”
Transport psychologist Dr Ian Walker of the University of Bath said: “Cycling is an important life expectancy predictor. Because it becomes part of your daily routine, cycling to work helps you live longer. This book could be the most important you ever read.”
The 200-page, full-colour book will be available in the world’s biggest book shop.
“The book available on Amazon is kinda fixed, but the electronic formats will be made country-specific so readers downloading the US version will get a book produced just for the US,” said Tim Grahl.
This flexibility allows for country-specific spellings and riding advice, too.
The print book is set in stone and will be mostly US in tone and spelling,. But the downloadable formats will be regionalised. Where Americans say ‘gas’, Brits say ‘petrol’. And the UK version will say ‘colour’, not ‘color’. The localisation of the e-book and PDFs also allows us to modify comments about riding on the left or the right of the road.
Check out the new podcast. The first show was recorded on Thursday and featured me and Tim talking with two of Europe’s top bike bloggers. Mikael Colville-Anderson produces the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog (“bicycle advocacy in high heels”); Mark Woudenberg produces
Colville-Anderson and Woudenberg are to write a chapter in the Bike to Work Book: ‘The Future is Already Here’, a description of what US and UK cities can look forward to when they embrace bicycling.


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