Bikes for Goodness Sake

Bikes for Goodness Sake Foundation

67,000 children of U.S. service men and women have their parents overseas this Christmas. The non-profit Bikes For Goodness Sake Foundation in Austin, TX works with local bike shops and raises funds to buy a bike for a kid for Christmas.

Bikes for Goodness Sake began last July and raised enough to give bikes to 52 children last week. They aim to make this Christmas event a success with several bikes shops they’ve signed in Texas, then open up the program to other parts of the Country for July 4, 2009.

Right now they’re focusing on raising funds nationally through the Helmet in Hand campaign. They’re asking cyclists to go to work with bicycle helmet in hand to raise awareness and funds for Bikes for Goodness Sake. Click here for more information.

Listen Monday to the Fredcast for an interview with Bikes for Goodness Sake founder Mark Smith.

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