Black Friday Bicycle Deals

I won’t be shopping this weekend, but I know plenty of people will so here are some Black Friday deals for you over the holiday weekend.

Xtracycle offers $10 off the ShowerCap and DryLoader and any non-Xtracycle items with the coupon code “radishical”. This is on top of the 20% off they’ll offer on Friday.

Twin Six started a three day sale on Wednesday. TRUNK t-shirts will be $16, new t-shirts will be $20, the brand new BACK SACK and T6 SACK are both marked down to $100.

This isn’t really a bicycling specific thing, but I am an Amazon affiliate. Besides the normal Black Friday Specials, they’re running the popular Amazon Customers Vote promotion where you compete to get deals on product (think random selection, though, not cage fights).

My buddy UltraRob in Colorado is 10% of his sales proceeds to World Bicycle Relief through Christmas.

Rivendell Bicycle Works is giving 30% off from Dec 10 to Dec 17, but only for Rivendell members who have lost their jobs or their retirement income. See their Holiday Flyer [PDF] for details.

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