Brevet: SF – Tamalpais – Fairfax – Mill Valley – Marin Headlands

Visit Jim G for the details of this mixed terrain brevet this weekend.

CABO co-chair Dan Gutierrez posted his “bikes eye view” video of Motorist / Cyclist cooperation in Mandeville Canyon. That’s the road in Los Angeles where Dr. Christopher Thompson sent two cyclists to the hospital.

In this other video, a road raging Portlander runs over a cyclist and gives him a ride on the hood of his car.

DIY: Cadence meter for your bike.

Not so DIY: Chico Gino worked with Paul Component Engineering to create this light mount. You crew these in to any place on your bike that takes those 5mm allen bolt mounts and you have a space to connect your handlebar mount light. Click on the photo for details and discussion.

Several people sent me email about Chris Horner’s rescue of a disabled rider at the Cascade Cycling Classic. Seen also at Velo News. Props to Murph, Michael, who were first to send me these.

Lego Andy rides the famous Death Ride.

Yahoo! gives out free Bay Area Commuter Checks to random people.

Citizen: Fixed gear fashion arrives in his far off corner of the USA.

BoingBoing’s “directory of wonderful things” talks about a cell phone stun gun to punish bike thieves.

Don’t forget the contest!

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