Catching up

A lot of people are already in Las Vegas for the Interbike Dirt Demo. Specialized CEO Mike Sinyard rode his bike to Vegas again, traveling 600+ miles from Morgan Hill with 16 other cyclists. Some people criticize that his mode of travel isn’t that “carbon conscious” because of his sag support, but traveling with two sag vans for 17 cyclists is pretty impressive to me, and it’s probably much more efficient than my travel mode.

I’ll post some updates here, but I’m traveling to Interbike 2008 on behalf of Commute By Bike so watch for most of the interesting product news over there. In the meantime, Rich Kelly has already posted some Dirty Demo photos at Interbike Times.

Ian Hibell: I meant to post this a while back but didn’t get around to it: The Economist posted a nice obituary of long distance cyclist Ian Hibell the other week. Thank you to Tracy for nudging me to post this.

Silly Japanese games shows: This one has contestants riding their bikes on a narrow floating path. Hilarity ensues. It’s a good illustration of the effect of target fixation. Thanks to Roto for the tip.

No Impact Man writes a letter to New York State Senator Jeff Klein. The Senator’s administrator got lots of angry phone calls in response. The Senator will meet with No Impact Man this week to discuss transportation policy.

iD FIXED is another fixed gear bike gallery.

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