Charlotte mountain bike race

Mountain biking southern sweetheart Arleigh Jenkins asks, “Could you spread the word about this? It’s local to Charlotte and we want great turn out!”

After the cancellation of the last race of the National Endurance Series in Clearlake, California, Tinker Juarez and Cowbell Challenge Inc put together the National Mountain Bike Oktoberfest near Charlotte, North Carolina. This mountain bike endurance race and festival will take place at Fisher Farm Park in Davidson, NC, October 24-26, 2008.

“I’ve been a professional cyclist for 35 years,” says Tinker. “I love this sport, especially endurance racing, and this chance to step off the trail and give back to sport is tremendous. We can’t wait to come to North Carolina for this world-class endurance cycling event and festival.”

The three-day, family-oriented mountain bike festival features the last race of USA Cycling’s 2008 National Ultra Endurance Calendar, as well as short track, time trials, and children’s races. The race venue is uniquely designed to take advantage of the early sunset, giving racers the opportunity to ride the trails at night.

National Mountain Bike Oktoberfest kicks off on Friday night with short track races. Kids can get in on the action with special Kids Kompetition races on Saturday morning, including a chance to try out the Strider balance bikes, designed specifically for one to five year old children. The featured event of the weekend, the Oktoberfest 8-Hour Endurance Race, starts at noon on Saturday. Time trials and a special combination event known as “the Beast” round out the weekend on Sunday. Races conducted after sunset will require adequate front and rear lighting.


  1. Sounds great, and it is right up the road from me. I'll put it on my calender and try to check it out.

  2. Sounds great, and it is right up the road from me. I'll put it on my calender and try to check it out.

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