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City Cycling UK issue 37 is now available for reading online.

More below the cool bicyle t-shirt design by Julius Bulius.

Here in the United State of America, Friday July 4 marks our Independence Day holiday. I thought about going up to San Francisco for the weekend to watch the Quake City Rumble messenger races and the spectacular Pier 39 fireworks show, but my family and I decided to stay close to home instead. I’ll go for an early morning bicycle ride through the Santa Cruz Mountains before spending the rest of Friday with the family.

The Tour de France starts on Saturday, of course! I’m volunteering at a church summer camp next week so I probably won’t spend much time covering the Tour here at Cyclelicious, unfortunately, but others on the web do a much better job than I do in covering those kinds of events.

Today, I spoke briefly with a member of the Santa Cruz Metro Transit Board of Directors about the Bikes on Board Highway 17 bus program. The Board plans to discuss this at their meeting next Friday. I’ll be meeting with this board member later to discuss the issue in more detail with him.

Unique charity rides

The first one is Mark Purdy’s Tour de French Fry in San Jose, California. Usually this is a fun and casual ride that involves riding around town and consuming fast food. This year, Mark wants to do a fundraiser, with money raised to purchase bike helmets in memory of Breanna Slaughter-Eck, the Hoover Middle School student who was fatally hit by a car on the last day of school. The helmets will be distributed to students at Hoover Middle School. This seems to me a little bit of blame the victim, but Purdy’s heart is in the right place. The four people with the highest bids get to ride with Purdy on his Tour de French Fry. Click the article for details.

The second charity ride is the Iron Chef Bike Ride in Palo Alto, California on August 2. You can choose between a 30 mile and 50 mile route from Palo Alto through Woodside and San Mateo County. Gourmet lunches cooked by the group’s Iron Chefs will be served at the end of the ride. The ride is supporting Room to Read, a San Francisco based non-profit that builds libraries and schools in developing countries. Iron Chef Bike Ride 2008 for details.

Have a great weekend, all!

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