Classic replica bicycle jersey for trade

I hope you all are having a wonderful day wherever you are.

I’m throwing the CycleDog a bone here: Ed came across a replica of Eddie Merckx’s Molteni jersey at a thrift shop. It turns out the European size XL is more like a size XS on buff, muscular Oklahoma Americans, so he’s giving it up for trade. Read this post for the details.

More bicycle stuff below this photo of “Tinfoil Hair Ribbons” by Megan the Onespeed Chick.

Keister callouses. Via.

Sara says girls rock. I agree. to start selling high end cycling stuff. By mail order. Will this work?

High gas prices keep bike shops busy.

Toyota can’t even cars away for free to young adults in Japan who just aren’t interested in driving. “A car used to symbolize a dream. People used to work hard to buy a car. These days, nobody is saying that. No one thinks a car is cool anymore.”

Sue’s Dahon is a babe magnet.

April 1 is probably over by the time you read this, but this one’s pretty good: Rap Star 50 cent gets all urban with the Wanksta track bike. The Wanksta’s gold-plated frame, fork, hubs and rims are complimented by black decals designed by Fiddy himself. The nine bullet holes across the top tube are both a reminder of the attempt on his life (in May of 2000) and a warning to would be bike thieves. The custom Beretta 9mm (included) clicks into a proprietary quick-release bottle cage mount, which is quite possibly the first of its kind. Go to Urban Velo for details and photo.

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