Good stuff from Holier Than You

My buddy Murph has some good stuff on his blog:

* On the recently completely San Francisco bike plan Environmental Impact Review, Murph looks at the gridlock around a new Costco gas station and wonders if an EIR was required for their gas station.

* Murph owns a vacation home in the Sonoma Wine Country. He donated time in the home for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to auction off the SFBC Winterfest, their big annual fundraiser. What a guy!

In other cycling news…

* Watch this space first thing in the morning for Amgen Tour of California route announcements. Several people are bummed that AEG has cut the women’s race.

* I participated tonight in the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Caltrain Working Group. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to contribute something to the effort to increase capacity onboard Caltrain.

Wow, my bus driver is in a hurry tonight, and a little grouchy, too, honking at the other traffic and telling people on the bus to quiet down on their cellphone conversations. I’m almost home — gotta sign off and spend some time with the family now.

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