Happy Monday


It was another awesome weekend in Santa Cruz, California. The kids and I went mountain biking from the UC Santa Cruz fire roads and into Wilder Ranch State Park, where I made a wrong turn so we ended up halfway to Davenport, California when we popped out on Highway 1. We rode a couple of miles east (nominally south) to the Wilder Ranch visitor center, then continued via bike paths and surface streets into downtown Santa Cruz where we enjoyed a nice snack at the Jamba Juice on Pacific Avenue. That photo is my daughter and I on the bike path into Santa Cruz from Wilder Ranch.

I had breakfast this morning in Palo Alto with Murph the Holier Than You cyclist, who writes Huzzah to Shirley for her efforts chairing the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Caltrain Bikes On Board subcommitee.

The Scoutabout travel blog writes about Bicycle Friendly Hotels that offer bikes to hotel guests.

Viva Lance Armstrong: Lance will meet with TdF officials.

Eco Velo: Alfine Shifters on drop bars.

Folding bike vendor Dahon is still raking in the cash.

Bicycle Design: His favorite bike design.

DIY: High power LED bike light. I’ve tried to do this. There’s a reason I’m a software engineer.

Carlton’s bike anatomy video got a mention at the MAKEzine blog.

Yet Another Homemade Bamboo Bicycle. This one’s a road bike.

Chris writes about bikes as part of the solution.

Cozy Beehive compares and contrasts the various folding bikes. I have more to write about this if I ever have the time.

Ridiculous cool double bike that you have to pedal backwards.

Grist: UPS hiring bicycle delivery people?

Grist: Against a gas tax? I have more to write about this also if I have a chance. It occurs to me that now is the right time to increase the gas tax.

Sombody likes my bicycle Christmas lights.

Meligrosa has a cute cat.

Cycle Dog has a disgusting snot rocket haiku that might possibly even qualify for a Vogon poetry contest.

Cycle Dog: What to do if you’re hit by a car.

Bike light reviews.

Barack Obama’s policy on bikes.

Grist: Bike To Work video.

Lady Di rode a Raleigh. Except it was seen as “not seen as fitting with her future status.”

Eco Velo: Bike Bus. I’ve participated in one a couple of times. I know Organizes a bike bus in Kansas City. Does anybody you know do this?


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