Help wanted: NAHBS coverage

The 2009 North American Handmade Bicycle Show happens next February 27 to March 1 next year in Indianapolis. This is a fantastic opportunity for those of you in the Midwest to see some truly outstanding bike stuff.

Admission is $35 for all three days. I’m looking for one or two people who are willing to report on the show and post lots of good photos to Cyclelicious in a timely fashion for me. In exchange, all I can offer to you is a Media Pass and the chance to attend a really great show and meet some cool people. Depending on my finances at the time, I may be able to throw a few dollars your way for expenses, but no promises, and if you have your own blog you can link to it. Ideally, I’m looking for somebody local to the area and who plans to attend this show anyway.

I’m looking for people with a passion for all things cycling and who knows bikes — you should be able to identify on sight unique, historical, brand new, and otherwise interesting bikes, bike parts, and bike design. You should know at least the larger names in handmade bikes, and in depth knowledge in at least one area of cycling (e.g. road cycling, utilitarian transportation, mountain biking, track cycling, urban cycling). You need to know how to ask the right questions of the builders. You’ll be expected to cover social rides and after hours events. Bonus points if you know some of the people in the bike trade who will be there (…and if you don’t know anybody, you’ll certainly meet them at NAHBS).

Ideally, I’d like to send two people: one writer who can also take quick snapshots and maybe a short video, and one photographer for the money shots. Both must be able to work well with the other, and both must have a computer and the ability to connect easily to the Internet while on the run. You should understand that carrying 20 pounds of computing and camera gear across a show floor all day gets to be tiring after three days, which is where it helps to know somebody in the business (they’ll let you stash your gear in their booth if you ask nicely).

I’ll want daily (or more) updates to Cyclelicious and wherever you post photos. The photographer needs to have a decent lens on your camera and should be a better photographer than I generally am (which isn’t too high a hurdle, I think).

What’s in it for you? In return for your three days of bike heaven on my behalf, I’ll give you insider’s access to the show, access to some of the people, and a daily audience for your work of around 3,000 people. NAHBS is the place to see what’s coming. You retain ownership of your writing and photography.

If you’re interested in writing or photographing NAHBS 2009 in Indianapolis for Cyclelicious, please shoot me an email with your qualifications and your phone number so I can talk with you. Nothing fancy like a resume is needed, just links to your writing or photography. If you’re somebody I know, you’re probably already in 😉 I hope to have somebody selected by the end of January.

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