Mexico gas tourism

I was flipping through the New York Times this morning and saw a couple of interesting articles:

  • Rethinking life in Denver’s far suburbs” discusses the impact that higher commute and heating costs are having on housing prices in the far suburbs around Denver, Colorado. Denver’s city center, in the meantime, is seeing a revival of shiny new condos and restaurants around LoDo and along the Cherry Creek River. I used to ride my bicycle in that area and it’s indeed become a very nice area over the past 10 years.
  • Low Mexican gas prices draw Americans” reports that many Americans in border towns cross into Mexico to buy discounted gasoline and diesel. Gasoline in Ciudad Juarez is only $2.66 per gallon, the result of subsidies that costs the government of Mexico over $20 billion this year. Trucking companies fuel their fleets in Mexico. Meanwhile, gas stations in El Paso, TX are empty and pushed to the edge of bankruptcy. Seee the video report for more.
  • A similar article on gas tourism in the Wall Street Journal looks at San Diego and Tijuana, where individuals are installing extra large fuel tanks on pickup trucks and other work vehicles so they can buy subsidized Mexican fuel for resale to friends in the USA.

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