Rainy days

While Canada and much of the northern half of the USA have had sub- sub- sub- sub-freezing temperatures, I’ve been having to suffer through drizzly rain all week in California. Here’s the news and oddball stuff from around the world of bicycle blogs.

Warren found this unusual unicycle.

Amgen Tour of California adopts “adopt the most comprehensive anti-doping protocol in cycling history.” Donna doesn’t like it and rants about it.

USA Cycling nominates Olympic cycling team members for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Citizen Rider: Work backward from the results you want.

This is messed up: East German citizen dug through old Stasi (DDR secret police) files and discovered an agent purposely let air out of her bicycle tires while she went shopping. “If I had told anyone at the time that the Stasi was giving me flat tires, they would have laughed at me,” she says. “It was a way to discredit people, make them seem crazy. I doubted my own sanity sometimes.” Read more.

Another wonderful piece on cycling history from Dave Moulton: Gino Bartli, the cyclist who saved Italy.

Integrated fork light. Cool stuff.


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