Random bicycle tweetage

As seen on Twitter this morning…

    I just wached a man run over a pigeon on his bicycle. It flapped to death.

    oh no… be afraid… a zombie on a bicycle!!

    Funny Video – Girl Hits Head on Pole While Riding Bicycle http://tinyurl.com/3f4528

    my discovery that cable ties on a bicycle helmet deters magpies. Genius!

    Nothing quite like imagining one riding a bicycle listening to La Grange …

    Schöne Omage an Bicycle Messengers http://is.gd/23ee

    Austin wheel factory destroyed in fire http://www.nimble.net

    That’s right Obama. We can’t drive our way out of this environmental, economic, problem. Get on a bicycle.

    Tip for today: If your bicycle feels like it’s going uphill even when you’re on the flat, try pumping up your tires.

    Almost got hit by a motorcycle. It’s a bicycle lane not a motorcycle lane. Whatta jerk.


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