San Francisco cycling fashion

SF Chron Sunday Style section: Commuters ditching cars for bikes, foot power includes several paragraphs on cycling fashionably.

Graduate student Lisa Foster refuses to let the peddling keep her from wearing her pumps. “I really think bikes are made for people who wear heels,” she said. “You don’t have to walk in them. It’s so much better.”

Judy B. (her full, legal name), lives in the Fillmore and commutes to her job as a legal assistant in the Financial District. “Short tight skirts are easier to wear,” she says. “Sometimes I wear bike shorts or leggings or tights under them. Knee-length skirts blow up and catch the wind like a sail, depending on the weather.”

Product Manager Cheryl Brinkman tucks her skirt into a band of elastic that she wraps around one thigh, a homemade garter belt solution, as it were. And, she said, “I always have a small binder clip in my handbag, as well, to keep wrap skirts or dresses closed while pedaling.”

Via Soma Fabrications, because the article features a photo of Ms. Brinkman riding a sweet Soma Mixte bicycle. My wife has the same Basil panniers, too. Sanfranciscoize the planet 🙂

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