Schwarzenegger signs California Complete Streets bill

Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 1358, the California Complete Streets Act of 2008, last night. This bill has been the number one legislative priority of the California Bicycle Coalition. The Complete Streets Act codifies policy that all streets be designed to accommodate all users including bicyclists.

The bill states:

It is the intent of the Legislature to require in the development of the circulation element of a local government’s general plan that the circulation of users of streets, roads, and highways be accommodated in a manner suitable for the respective setting in rural, suburban, and urban contexts, and that users of streets, roads, and highways include bicyclists, children, persons with disabilities, motorists, movers of commercial goods, pedestrians, public transportation, and seniors.

Details about the Complete Streets Act at California Bicycle Coalition.

Schwarzenegger vetoed AB 2971 (Fair Share for Safety), SB 432 (Omnibus Transportation). The Fair Share for Safety bill would have required the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to establish guidance and criteria to ensure that the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians are addressed in the development of its safety programs. The Omnibus Transportation bill would have clarified the statutory definition for the terms “bicycle path,” “bike path,” and “bicycle path crossing,” which helps clarify the right of bicyclists to ride in crosswalks where bike paths cross streets and roads.

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