Strong sales in bike trailers — Help Wanted

Josh Lipton started the Bike Trailer Shop two years ago in Flagstaff, Arizona. Since then, he has seen online sales explode to the point where he now has an opening for another full time Sales Associate.

“With the rising price of gas and the growing interest in cycling as an alternative to automobile transportation, we’ve been experiencing very strong growth this season,” says Josh. “People call me and tell me they just sold their car and they need a bike trailer,” says Josh. People from all over country buy bike trailers, racks and bags from the Bike Trailer Shop.

Josh wants me to mention that they need “a new employee to join” their “social-entrepreneurial venture” in Flagstaff, Arizona. Josh is looking for somebody with “a strong knowledge and passion for cycling.” Check out the About Page for details about the sales position.

Also see the Bike Trailer Blog for some interesting information about bike trailers.

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