Thank God it’s Friday

My 11 mile ride in to work this morning was chilly when it was about 38°F/3°C out at dawn. I was just warming up when I got into work. The sun is out now and we’re expected to get to the high 60sF/20°C this afternoon.

WIRED points us to this small gallery of Tokyo bicycle mods at Tokyo Times.

Bike Hacker brings us news of the “Spiffy Spiffy Sprockets Contest” from the ActiveStyle editor of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Deadline for entries is March 31, winners will be published in April. Winners will selected by “bike-loving members of the Democrat-Gazette staff.”

There’s apparently a critical shortage of bike mechanics in Copenhagen. Denmark’s bike shop group has created the Become a Professional Cycle Freak campaign in response to recruit people to learn the bike mechanic trade. It’s a three year (!) program, with 40 weeks of classroom time and another 2+ years spent as an apprentice. Holy cow.

Right Rides for Women’s Safety looks like an interesting program. In their Safe Walk bike patrol program, volunteer cyclists escort callers to their destinations safely. Via.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! Be nice to one another and all that other stuff you learned in kindergarten. That goes for you, Pat and Dick and Hein and Patrice. I’m also talking to you too, George and Dick.

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