The Great Handcar Regatta

The Great West End and Railroad Square Handcar Regatta and Exposition of Mechanical and Artistic Wonders — Sunday, September 28, 2008 at the Railroad Park in Santa Rosa, California.

From the website:

The Great West End and Railroad Square Handcar Regatta is proud to procure Free Secure Bicycle Parking!

Do not pilot your noisome motor carriage and indulge a headache amidst traffic and a limitless pursuit of parking space. Instead, dear reader and ambitious saver of precious resources, ride your “BIKE“!

We are providing a safe and secure setting for you to leave your bicycle or Pennyfarthing Hi-Wheeler at our grand event, free of charge!

The noble Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, whose lofty goal it is to promote the bicycle as transportation and recreation, will be providing free valet bicycle parking.

So, good people of Santa Rosa, retreat from said motor carriages and debark into the fresh air, relishing this great event on two pedal-power wheels instead of four!

Via Bikes and the City.

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