49ers Propososed Stadium Draft EIR

Plan ignores bikes; 45 days to respond to DEIR

The Draft Environment Impact Review for the proposed 49ers Stadium in Santa Clara contains absolutely no provision for bicycling, and completely ignores the impact that stadium traffic will have on area cyclists who use the roads and trails.

Sunnyvale resident (and former member of the Sunnyvale BPAC) Patrick Grant urges all area cyclists to comment on the Draft EIR:

If you were considering riding the long proposed Hetch Hetchy aquaduct Trail, to Stadium, or between Cisco area and Sunnyvale or interconnecting directly between the trails in the heart of Silicon Valley tech industry, the 49 stadium EIR says nothing about bike transportation, zero, zip, its not in Santa Clara’s vocabulary. We need massive response to the EIR and to Santa Clara Council.

FYI, the Hetch Hetchy trail is on top of the Hetch Hetchy aquaduct from Cisco in First street to Sunnyvale and provides a direct route between them and it and Three Creeks trail (also endangered by car centric city planners) is the only trail interconnect central to the area. The trail route which sits yards from stadium and Great America has been in the county trail plan since the early 90’s at least. Hetch Hetchy trail parallels Tasman, a popular commuter route and access to ACE train. There is no mention of cars impact to bikability of Tasman or any other street in area either.

We need you help before it’s too late. Everyone please respond to the DEIR. Let every biker in the area know the DEIR and lack of any mitigation to bikers, will FOREVER MAKE THIS AREA UNBIKABLE!. Also, contact our VTA BPAC Representatives.



  1. A Google Earth snapshot of the 49ers area showing road and all trails (current or proposed) is at  http://siliconvalleytrails.pbworks.com/f/49ers_site.jpgThe section in DEIR (stating no improvements for cyclists impacted by heavy traffic [traffic as far as NASA])  to comment about isSection see  http://santaclaraca.gov/pdf/collateral/49er-Stadium-DEIR/49er-Stadium-DEIR-Text.pdf.Please make your comments to city of Santa Clara.

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