Bicycle jobs

Happy Valentines Day everybody. I love you all! Here’s a selection of bike jobs around the United States.

Sign of the times in Japan: “Be careful to hittakuri,” warning women to beware of purse snatchers on bicycles. CC License photo by Takato Marui.

Jimmy Johns in Austin Central Park looking for bicycle delivery people.

What “Well established Bicycle Industry Company” is located in Foxborough, Mass? They seek a “manager to run an important new division offering an innovative component system with proven benefits to bicycle manufactures world wide to develop the market world wide for this breakthrough technology that replaces the messy bicycle chain with a smooth and quiet Belt Drive System.” Is it EMS?

Boston bike couriers wanted.

Boston seeks car-free people to walk dogs.

Chicago: Independent sales rep. These guys spend all day visiting bike shops.

Denver: Inside sales for Saves Our Soles sock company.

Unspecified “Pacific Islands” needs OR Nurses. “The main form of transportation for the island is by foot or bicycle.” The acronyms (TDY, PTO, UM) and benefits leads me to this is a military installation, so perhaps Guam?

San Francisco: Timbuk2 seeks retail sales associate.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is looking for Great Streets Campaign Director.

Healdsburg / Sonoma County: Bicycle tour director. Hmmm….

Scotts Valley (my town) — Mechanical engineer with bicycle design experience.


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