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Happy June 1, everybody!

How about a huge balloon for head protection? Model Lydia Hearst rides a bicycle during a shoot for Vanity Fair Magazine. (Confidential to Ben: Since this is a photoshoot, is this a reasonable compromise?)

**RESTRICTIONS APPLY**Model Lydia Hearst-Shaw rides a bicycle during a shoot for Italian Vanity Fair in the Meatpacking District

The ultra cool and effective “Freiker” incentives arrives in Wisconsin. McFarland, WI is a suburb of Madison, WI, where Trek, Pacific Cycle and Planet Bike are headquartered.

Russ and Laura traveled by bike through the remote and dry Carrizo Plain and had to carry lots of water. Here’s how they carried two gallons of water per person (with gorgeous photos to accompany the text).

Motorists complain at a county meeting because the new Bicycle Safety Law in Colorado will force them to *gasp!* slow down and drive safely on narrow canyon roads.

These are cute: bicycle basket liners. video shows Zipp Speed Weaponry wheel testing lab. Via Bicycle Design.

Bicycle accident insurance? H/T to Jennifer the mountain biking lawyer.

Velo Orange likes this article on working with your hands.

Yet Another Bike Hazard Mapping Site.

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