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As I type this up on Tuesday night for early Wednesday publication, the guy on the bus next to me is snoring loudly. With his mouth open. I hope he doesn’t lean into me.

Thief steals bike, takes it to the shop where it was built. Story at Fix Memphis.

Interview with Gary Fisher at Bikescape.

Rivendell announces Quickbeams will be no more. “The continuing enfeebling of the US dollar against the Yen allows us to declare with no uncertainty that this will be the last of the Quickbeams,” writes Grant. There aren’t that many left, so put your deposit in now if you want a piece of this last batch.

Kansas City, Missouri: Bicyclists are encouraged to show up Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting. The first meeting was last night, but you can show up tonight. Click the link for details.

Oakland stolen bike alert: a blue Yuba Mundo cargo bike.

San Jose Cycling Classic takes place Saturday, February 14. Which is the same day the Tour of California starts in Sacramento. Jerks.

Portland cyclists ride through the snow and cold.

Trickle down bike tech.

Caltrain board meeting will discuss bikes on board February 5. Murph is organizing a San Francisco to San Mateo Bike Train. If you live in the city, they start at 4th & King at 7 AM.

Bicycle Community Center in Los Angeles.

My daughter featured in 15 uses for coffee filters.

Bicycle Jobs:

  • Transportation Demand Management sales for Alternative Transportation Solutions (ALTRANS) in San Jose. ALTRANS creates alternative transportation programs for cities, schools, and businesses in the South Bay.
  • Pestec in San Francisco still has openings for bicycling mosquito abatement workers.

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