Bicycle recalls

Some Schwalbe Ultremo “R” tires can herniate and explode. Schwalbe has replacement info here.

Electra Bicycles has expanded an existing recall to include the 2009 Delivery 3i, Delivery 8D, Holiday 3i, Holiday 8i and Surf 3i bicycles with front-mounted trays or baskets. The front baskets on these bikes look very nice, but they can come loose and wedge against the front tire, which can be bad. Contact a local Electra dealer for free repair.

This one’s not a bicycle but it’s of interest to me since they’re in my town: Zero Motorcycles has recalled the 2009 Zero X and Zero MX Off-Road Motorcycles because the throttle can become stuck in the full “on” position. This can unexpectedly lead to full power when turning on the power, which can be thrilling but also dangerous. Contact Zero Motorcycles for free repair.


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