Bicycle tourism

Bikes are the “killer app” on Governor’s Island, New York.

We’d love to hear what a “car-free bike oasis” means to you. We got great feedback and questions about the bicycle program. What would you want to see there? What could you do here that you can’t do elsewhere in New York?

Meanwhile, in Sausalito, California, some of the locals apparently refer to biking tourists as “a plague of locusts.”

Some Sausalito locals are comparing the pedal-pushing tourists who descend on their boutiquey town to a plague of locusts, tying up traffic, taking over parks, blocking doorways and generally making the weekends miserable.

Just imagine how much traffic would be tied up if this plague showed up in their cars, instead.

Brothers Mike and John Logsdon rodes their bikes from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Film maker Nateon Ajello accompanied them to create the documentary Spinning Southward. The premier screening for Spinning Southward takes place April 11 in Santa Rosa, California — see details here.

Bike photographer and Cyclelicious friend Russ Roca would like to do something similar. Vote for him so he can be chosen for the dream assignment of bicycling “through North and South America on an ambitious portrait project, photographing the work of community leaders and activists who are striving for a more sustainable planet.”

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