Caltrain 2 bike car sign

One of the problems with the Caltrain bike cars is cyclists often don’t know if there are one or two bike cars. There’s Twitter/Bikecar, but less than 10% of riders follow that services. It’s difficult spotting the second bike car from the usual waiting place for cyclists on the train platform.

One of the announcements at the March JPB meeting was that Caltrain was working on signs to put on the front of trains equipped with two bike cars. This “2 Bike Cars” sign was spotted yesterday on a Gallery set! I’ll try to watch for these signs this next week.

Beginning last week, Caltrain made an ffort to consistently have two bike cars on a set of trains. I purposely rode two of the trains on this list — NB 231 in the morning and SB 266 in the evening — to track Caltrain’s consistency. Out of 15 trips on those two trains, there were only two trips I noticed with a single bike car. I reported those to the SFBC bike car tracking project.

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