Car Free Challenge

Okay, I thought I did okay with my auto use by taking public transportation and my bike everyday, but then I learned about Janet Abelson in El Cerrito.

For TransForm’s June Car Free challenge, Janet pledges to log zero miles in a car and take only public transportation. Maybe that doesn’t sound so incredible, but she normally gets car rides from friends because she sits in a wheelchair. I thought I did well with the 180 miles per month that I typically drive.

During the month of June the average Bay Area resident will drive 540 miles; the average American driver logs more than 1,000 miles each month. Do you think you can do better?

The Car Free Challenge is something like a charity ride. The purpose is to raise funds and awareness for TransForm, a coalition of San Francisco Bay Area groups that advocate for affordable, safe, and easy access to jobs, services, and nature on foot, bicycle, or public transportation and public involvement in land use and transportation policies. Join a huge community of people from California and around the country in setting and reaching a personal low mileage goal for a seven-day period (or more) in the month of June – plus win great prizes and share your stories of taking public transportation, walking, and bicycling.

Visit TransForm to learn how this challenge works.



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