Colorado bicycle news

June is Bike To Work Month in Colorado.

Do you remember the story about the Real Estate agents who show properties by bike? One of them, Pedal To Properties in Boulder, Colorado, received venture capital to expand their concept nationwide by opening new “Pedal To Properties” offices in other markets around the United States.

BikeDenver will provide bike valet parking at the Capital Hill People’s Fair this weekend.

There’s an interesting bike shop Denver in Highland Square. The Urbanistic Tea and Bike Shop offers a full service bicycle repair shop and loose-leaf tea and spices. More at their blog. 3215 Lowell Boulevard.

& cetera…

Fred’s tips on a road race road trip on a budget.

The Philadelphia International Cycling Championship takes place this weekend. I was hoping to talk to somebody from the Nigerian National Cycling Team (!) who were scheduled to participate, but they apparently ran into some visa problems and couldn’t get into the country. They train at altitude but lack supplies, coaching and experience, so I’m sorry they’re missing out on this opportunity.

I learned that Delta 7 Sports provides their Ascend road bikes to the Verducci women’s cycling team. The Ascend is the funky see-through spider web bike. Photographer Michael Franken spotted the bikes at the Air Force Cycling Classic in Arlington, VA last weekend.

Delta 7 Ascend sponors Verducci women's cycling team

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