Welcome to the start of the 2nd Cyclelicious Virtual Alleycat sponsored by IMAGES PUBLISHING GROUP, publisher of Custom Bicycles A Passionate Pursuit.

PRIZE: One of THREE copies of the hardcover book Custom Bicycles A Passionate Pursuit. This hardcover book — a $60 value of hardcore bike p0rn will satisfy the urges and desires of any discriminating lover of custom bikes.

Update: The contest ended Saturday, May 16, 2009. Winners will be announced after Memorial Day.

HOW TO WIN: You must be a resident of the USA or Canada with a USA or Canada shipping address. Follow the checkpoints — website links — that start here, and follow the trail until you get to the contest entry form after the final checkpoint. Some web searching and Internet browsing skills are required, and bike knowledge may be helpful (but facts should be easily web searchable). After you reach the final checkpoint, enter valid contact information, and THREE WINNERS will be selected among those who enter. YOU MUST SUBMIT THE ENTRY FORM BY MIDNIGHT, SATURDAY MAY 16 (US Pacific Time).

SMALL PRINT: This contest is open only to residents of the USA and Canada, and only where it’s legal for you. Sorry to those elsewhere. I won’t share your contact information except I will pass along the winners’ contact information to the publisher’s USA publicity agent, who needs the info to ship you the prize. Winner is responsible for any taxes. Odds of winning are dependent on how many entries I receive.

Each checkpoint is a blog or other social media website. I’ve received permission from each blog owner to post the checkpoints. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO THOSE WHO AGREED TO PARTICIPATE AS CHECKPOINTS IN THIS VIRTUAL ALLEYCAT!

You MAY need to hunt through recent blog entries to find the next checkpoint. For example, if I point you to FOO.COM, look for comments on blog entries dated May 9 through May 11. If you get lost, please feel free to come back here and ask for a hint. Keep in mind also that some blogs moderate their comments and there may be a delay in comment posting.

The race is not to the swift — you only need to make it to the finish — and I encourage you to “check in” at each checkpoint by leaving your own comment then exploring the blog or website if you’re not familiar with it.

BONUS PRIZE: I’ll have at least ONE CHECKPOINT where the first person checking in gets a small prize. Some of the other checkpoints may also elect to give their own little bonus prizes — you never know!

On your mark, get set and look for the first checkpoint at Urban Velo and look for a mention of the book Custom Bicycles! Be sure to check in there and say hello to those urban bikers in Pittsburgh.


  1. I enjoyed the sites on the virtual alley cat very much. I didn't bookmark them all. Will you be publishing the list after the race is done. Thanks.

  2. I enjoyed the sites on the virtual alley cat very much. I didn't bookmark them all. Will you be publishing the list after the race is done. Thanks.

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