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Happy Friday, all!

Curtis responded to a Speedvest discussion on with his own photoshopped Speedvest. He tells me he met the Speed Vest people at Maker Faire and they loved his version.

cycling speed vest

Steephill has all the latest on the 2010 Tour of California.

Speaking of which, a lot of people (including myself) liked how AEG used Twitter to announce the 2010 host cities. During the press conference yesterday morning, Michael Ross of AEG sports said, “Twitter is the social network most preferred by cyclists.” I don’t know how true that is, a lot of us like Facebook as well. The Santa Cruz Local Organizing Committee also recognizes the importance of social media in getting attention for an event and has appointed my friend Karen Kefauver as Social Media Director. Teh Santa Cruz stage has a Facebook page and lives on Twitter @TOCSantaCruz.

Minneapolis Cycling Examiner talks studded bike tires for winter (and uses one of my photos woo hoo!).

Dude! Via.

Masi Guy is recruiting.

Brooklyn By Bike: Video Guide to NYC Bike Lanes.

I haven’t mentioned Jill in Alaska in a long time.

Somebody stole his fixie har har har Gwadzilla.

Umm, the Go Girl. Via Industry Outsider who uses words like “relieve” and “whiz” in punny ways.

Have a great weekend.


  1. a friend at work was trying to get me to play with this….but to actually make the vestor sell "vest kits"

  2. a friend at work was trying to get me to play with this….

    but to actually make the vest
    or sell "vest kits"

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