Free sunglasses

Hello sports fans. If you want some free shades, come back to Cyclelicious this next Tuesday for a chance to win some free sunglasses from Sunglass Warehouse.

St. Elsewhere…

Should the city of San Jose host a Ciclovia? I filled out the survey and voted for Downtown as the best location.

Santa Cruz transportation columnist Ramona Turner tried a bike to get to work and discovered it’s faster than driving!

San Francisco bike plan almost ready to roll.

San Francisco: Ban cars on Market Street?

Nice Bike To Work Day photos and video from the SF Bay Area MTC. The video features cycling Santa Clara County supervisor Ken Yeager.

About Montreal’s bike share.

A thought on epidemics.

This absolutely deserves its own post.

Budapest traffic calming.

Traffic and noise.

Kansas City: Intexticated driver sends two cops to the hospital.

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