Friday roundup

Tour of Ireland - Stage One

Don’t forget, the Tour of Utah finished up this Sunday. Check here for a list of resources.

The three day Tour of Ireland started today. Steephill.TV Tour of Ireland dashboard. The photo is Brit Russell Downing of CandiTV-Marshalls Pasta winning Stage 1 of the Tour of Ireland.

How many Snickers bars are contained in the energy of a 70 mph SUV crash? The answer may surprise you. Hint: It’s about the same as contained in a leisurely 10 mile bike ride.

Because I love all things Specialized, I point you to this post on Zertz, “the miracle elasto polymer made with meteorite dust and the molecular essence of hybrid rubber plants grown in secret silos miles beneath the surface of the Earth.”

iPhone app as a virtual bike fitting tool.

Bike scrounging tips.

The high cost of no bicycle parking.

Cops who drive dangerously.

Bike Forums Norcal Gang.

I’m seeing links to this bike ballet video everywhere. Ditto this 3 wheeled camper bicycle. I used to draw pictures of stuff like that when I was a kid in the 70s.

1001 uses for old inner tubes.

Top 20 green colleges.

Huff: Health care debate and teen obesity.

US Bike Route System grants.

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