Friday Sigalerts

This week, I suffered two flat tires on my bike, which doubles the number I’ve had all year. That’s nothing compared to some of the other stuff this week, though.

Wednesday night, traffic on Highway 17 from Santa Cruz to San Jose was impeded when a tractor trailer hauling 39,000 pounds of frozen fish flipped over near Sugarloaf Road. When I cruised by five hours later, workers were still scooping fish from the overturned trailer into another truck so they could turn it upright to move out of the way.

Today was a bad traffic day in the Bay Area. A 77 year old bicyclist was killed early this morning after he was hit by a Caltrans SUV on Hillsdale Boulevard at Highway 101.

A little while later, a four vehicle pileup that involved a dump truck and three other vehicles closed northbound Highway 101 killed at least one motorist and closed most of the highway for three hours this morning, with the choke point backing traffic up on 101 to beyond Burlingame this morning, and clogging local street all over San Mateo County as commuters sought alternative routes. Caltrain and my bicycle were unaffected by the delays this morning.

Images courtesy Sean Kane and published with his permission.

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