Giveaway: collab with Murph

Today’s giveaway is a collaboration with Murph of Holier Than You. Murph owns vacation rentals in the Sonoma wine country and near South Lake Tahoe. Both are very fine holiday getaways.

Murph’s giveaway? A brand new 650×23 tube. (You didn’t really think you could win a holiday rental worth thousands of dollars from me, did you?) If you have a small tire bike, this spare tube will cost you nothing but a comment on his blog.

To win: The rules are a little bit different from the Twitter postings of earlier this week. To win this bicycle tire tube, be the first to leave a snarky comment on any of Murph’s January postings at Holier Than You. Murph asked me to be snarky, but I’ve used up my quota of snark for the day so I’m leaving that up to you.

Good luck! See contest rules for limitations and other details.

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