I thought Genevieve Jenson already got a lifetime ban?

Canadian cycling phenom Genevieve Jeanson was banned from the sport in 2006 after she tested positive for EPO.

Jenson started winning races as a 16 year old junior and recently revealed she began doping as a teen at the direction of her coach and physician, according this this VeloNews article.

After she divorced her coach Andre Aubut six months after marrying him in 2006, Jeanson began to tell all about the doping. The Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport ordered a lifetime ban from any sport for life as a result of Jeanson’s testimony. Although Jeanson will reportedly receive some leniency because of her testimony, she’s pledged never to return to cycling.

Read more at VeloNews.

In case you missed it, this is VeloNews’ April Fools joke. Some people took it seriously.

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