Los Angeles to consider bicycle anti-harassment law

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee considered a bicyclist anti-harassment ordinance and moved to add this ordinance to the city council agenda for the full council to consider, probably in January.

The actual motion presented by 11th District Council Member Bill Rosendahl is a request for the City Attorney to prepare and present to the Council an ordinance to prevent the harassment of bicyclists in the city of Los Angeles.

I believe anti harassment ordinances are a good thing for cyclists. It’s probably also a good thing that personal injury attorneys are already publicizing this proposed law (yeah, I know it’s in their best interests and they’re doing it to game search engines…) but I’m also a little amused that they seem to be almost salivating at the prospect of this law:

Tension between motorists and cyclists has been a special point of concern for California bicycle accident lawyers.


Rosendahl’s proposed move is an encouraging one to Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers.

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