Manic Monday

It’s going to be a super busy week for me, so here’s a shotgun blast of bike news.

Chicago’s Bicycling Ambassadors seen in Urbana, Illinois.

Team Abu Dhabi? Ina Reinders poses for a photo during a press conference announcing the creation of this Triathlon team created by the emirate’s tourism authority. More here.

Abu Dhabi Triathlon - Press Conference

Bicycle Design: Bikes for the non-enthusiast.

MAKE: Classy bike trailer.

Watch HOME.

WEND: Free bikes in New York City. H/T Unbreakable.

Missouri Bike Fed: Common bike collisions and how to avoid them.

Interbike Times: Cycling as the great American pastime.

Sets: The intersection of gnats and cycling.

Sarah Goodyear: Cycling in Fort Worth, Texas. I lived on the outskirts of Fort Worth for three years and bike commuted daily across the Mid Cities and DFW Airport to my job in Irving.

San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival SATURDAY JUNE 20, 2009.

New Hampshire Supreme Court rules town must clear snow from sidewalks.

Iceland Winter Bike Expedition 2010.

Blast from the past: Did I really write this in 1984?

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