Mirror On Your Bike

© 2009 roymeo and posted here with his kind permission. Sing / Rap this to the tune of Eddie Murphy’s infamous “Boogie In Your Butt.” Created in response to discussion on the SFBC list about using high tech video electronics to show approaching traffic from behind.

Put a bell on your bike
Streamers go really swell on your bike
Panniers on a rack on your bike
Basket with a snack on your bike
Put some brakes on your bike
Reflective tape on your bike
Put some gears on your bike
“Not Hip” fears on your bike
Expensive camera pointed rear on your bike
Cause you don’t want a mirror on your bike

Mirror, on your bike, your bike
Mirror, on your bike, your bike
Put a mirror on your bike

See a car, in your mirror
See back really far, in your mirror
See that bus, in your mirror
Doesn’t take a lot of fuss, with a mirror
See a Silent NEV, in your mirror
Truck driver named “Kev”, in your mirror
You can see trees, in your mirror
See you gettin’ overtaken by me, in your mirror
Stealing a routine, in your mirror
From Eddie Murphy, with a mirror.

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