Monterey County approves $11 million on bike facilities

I ride through Moss Landing and Castroville on my yearly trek to Monterey for the Sea Otter festival. Monterey County plans to spend some money on bike facilities at these locations in 2011 by building a bike bridge over Elkhorn Slough and an extension of the existing bike path that currently ends in Castroville.

The bike path in Castroville (Artichoke Center of the World) currently ends in a confused jumble so I can see improving that. Crossing Elkhorn Slough at Moss Landing, though? Not as important, and it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere so only experienced cyclists are out there anyway. *shrug* See Cycling around Monterey Bay gets bridge boost.

Which reminds me to send a letter to the Monterey Salinas Transit District and Santa Cruz Metro suggesting they modify their service to Watsonville a little. Morning Santa Cruz 91X “commuter express” buses arrive in Watsonville at 12 minutes after the hour, which is two minutes after MST #27 departs from Watsonville to Marina. Anybody traveling from Santa Cruz to Monterey can wait up to nearly 2 hours in Watsonville for the connecting bus. The evening connections are better – it’s about a 20 minute wait for the connection from MST to SCMTD going from Watsonville to Santa Cruz.

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