MUPs in the News

MUP: Multi Use Path.

Chicagoist on sharing the road and sharing the trails:

Riding to work Wednesday morning this Chicagoist staffer and avid cyclist was doored ever-so-slightly by a trucker. While tending to the minor scrapes incurred from the sudden braking and subsequent tumble, the trucker proceeded to yell at us about how we shouldn’t be on the street. Until we grabbed the bike lock and took a couple of swings at him.

More bike path safety problems caused by all of those people driving to a newly completed path.

Here’s a pretty cool story: Charles Semprebon of Vermont was touring on bike from Los Angeles to Boston when he passed away in New Mexico. Okay, that part isn’t so cool, but in his will, he gave $1 million to the town of Barre, VT to build a bike path around the community. More here and here.

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