NAHBS Day One Report

If you’re anywhere within 200 miles of Indianapolis you really should make the effort to attend the National Handmade Bicycle Show now happening in Indianapolis. Friday attendance was 1,700 people, beating the previous record 1,254 people who attended in Portland, Oregon last year.

It’s good to see Sillgey from Los Angeles there exhibiting their brightly hued steel minivelo bicycles.

NAHBS Day 1 Photos

Bilenky always has groovy cargo bikes.

NAHBS Day 1 Photos

A nice front loading cargo bike from ZR Cycles, built up for a photographer.

NAHBS Day 1 Photos

I haven’t heard of MAP Bicycles before, but wow this is a gorgeous bike.

NAHBS Day 1 Photos

We can always depend on Sycip to present some very nice bikes at NAHBS.

NAHBS Day 1 Photos

Watch this space for more good stuff from NAHBS in Indianapolis. See also Bike World news Day 1 Gallery.

If you have photos and news from the show please feel free to link to them in the comments below.

Photos above are Copyright H-I-L-L and used here with permission

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